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“ She felt comfortable with Dashawn because he would protect her from anything, and she thought this way until…she met David...

Will I ever get my memory back?

I can’t stop dreaming of my past. Celeste wonders why is this happening?

“Hand in hand, they walk on the beach. It was a warm beautiful night and the water was calm; they watched the tide roll in as the sun sets.” Will she meet a new man in her life? What about her daughter Alexa, how will she handle a new man in her mother’s life, she’s a daddy’s’ girl. That pink elephant syndrome from past relationships, is really serious she thought but asks herself, is he the one? ”

Five Star Book Reviews

I just finished reading your book. I loved it. You did a great job with it. You have to do another one. "
                                          Angela B.
I love it! The preface that I read was a grabber so I know this book will be my beginning to many more of Juanita Graves awesome blessed books."                                                                                         Sarina G.
" This is a great book. It has excitement, laughter, drama, and true love. I really liked it!" 

This a great read. You will laugh and cry. It's for everyone to read no matter what stage you are in life."                                              Ernestine W.

Juanita Graves, girl the book was so good. I was reading it going to work when I looked out of the window, I had to get off and take another bus because I missed my bus stop. lol "
                                           Vivian B.
I think it's an enjoyable story "
                               Crystal C.
I got this book the other day and I couldn't put it down. It's a great read!!"                                                                      Exquisite D.
I hated to finish but it was exciting. Two thumbs up and keep up the great work."                                         
                                                 Amy H.
 "One Life Use it Wisely"

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