Juanita has been interviewed by various internet radio shows since 2009, The Artist Lounge Radio, and other interviews  via Blogtalk Radio, TalkShoe, Zoom and Blogs over the years.


She has been interviewed with online magazines such as Black Girls Allowed, and Bronze Magazine.


Nominated for a 2010 Poetry contest. 


Juanita also has been a guest speaker at various functions such as a Women's Day Speaker at the Kaplan House in NY, book signing, and Church functions and has done poetry at functions. 


Juanita Betts - Graves:


Was born in North Carolina, less than two years old her mother moved to New York. They lived there until she was a second-grade year student.

They lived in Syracuse, NY before moving to Harlem where she attended public school as a child before moving back to North Carolina.

Thanks to her English teacher Mr. Alan P. at Columbia High School, in Columbia, NC who taught her to love words and its imaginative abilities.

She started writing when she was a teen. She used to lay on a blanket in her mother's yard in NC under the clouds, and just look and daydream for hours about life, the wonders of life and what else was out there.


Although she never forgot the feel of the city and at the age of 18, she moved back to New York after graduation. She wanted to know more, learn more, and be more.  She had always been outspoken, but quiet in the same.  Her mom would say to her, "One of these days your mouth is going to get you into trouble, you always have something to say, always got to have the last word."

Thank God, it never got her into trouble but has helped her to survive.


Established her company in 2007 after publishing her first book. This accomplishment brought forth dreams and desires, which created multiple ideas into a vision, and manifested encouragement to build on principles to assist in making others dream a reality.


Desire My Dream Productions, offer assistance with publishing, mentorship, and she's a poet. 


DMDP's mission is to encourage, mentor, motivate and help with understanding and healing. Start from a dream to reach your goal and beyond.


In today's world, there are no guarantees, you are the holder of your destiny.


In Loving memory of "Kesha L. Smith-Rivera," former Co-Ceo of

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Rest In Peace - Nov. 2018

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